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Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey

In an interview with popular film actress Emelia Brobbey, she revealed to Flex newspaper that as of the time she was in Akim Swedru, her dream was to become a journalist till she met Daniel Adeleye who introduced her into the acting industry.

“After I completed Akim Secondary School, I proceeded to Manifold Institute and had my Diploma because my dream was to become a journalist till I met Daniel Adeleye who introduced me to Miracle films. After a successful audition, I was given my first script which was in the movie Tribal War in 2001. Now I can say with authority that I have featured in over 20 movies” she revealed to Flex.

She continued that she does not believe that as a good actress, you should limit your self to a Twi movie or an English movie. “For me, I accept any script I get if only it meets my ethics, I will go for it. I don’t reject English or Twi scripts. Because I started my career with the Twi film producers, most of the English film producers do not put me in mind” she lamented.

When asked if she has a role model in the local movie industry, she said that before she entered into the movie scene, she was interested in foreign movies than the local movies. This heightened her interest in the Hollywood movie industry but in Ghana, she just loves watching some of his associates on screen but does not really see anything different in them compared to what she is doing, so she cannot really point out a role model from the Ghanaian film industry.

For her before going for a script, she considers the cast and go through the script for sometime to verify if it suits her ethics before she accepts to feature in the movie. She added that so far she has been very comfortable working with all the actors in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Talking about the rate at which nudity has increased in our movie industry, she hinted that she hasn’t done any research to find out if it is really affecting the industry or not, but she will not go nude in movies because there are many ways to project it for the public to believe its real.

When Flex asked her if she has faced any problem since she entered into the movie industry, she said this. “I consider everything that happens in the industry as an occupational hazard which is bound to happen, so I take them normal”.

“I was once in the house when a pastor called me and said he has been watching my movies and had a vision that some enemies are trying to take my life. So he asked me to do some fasting and prayers. Initially, I didn’t take it serious because pastors used to call and say a whole lot of things but within some few days, I felt like I should start the fasting.

In the week that I started the fasting, I had two accident with two different cars. One occurred at Obusumase in the Eastern region with my husband`s car ML and the other one with my car Infinity. The cars got spoilt but I thank God I am alive” she acknowledged God for his saving mercies.

She advised her fellow movie makers to take education seriously because she believes that in acting education is the key not beauty nor height or anything. “If you are an actor, you should always bare in mind that you can be given any role to play and you should be ready to correct some of the mistakes you see in the script and without better education, there is no way you can do

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