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Swag Kid: The Youngest Rapper in Africa

After making waves with his ‘Mercy’ video on YouTube, GH and Naija top artistes requested to meet with Swag Kid, the hottest and younger’s boy rapper in Africa. Over the weekend the ‘lil dude thrilled the fans during the Night with the Stars show whilst some musicians ‘fight back stage’

After hearing the free stylist’s rap on several beats, the stars endorsed his ability as Bola Ray ushered him into the music industry. “A superstar has been discovered but GH is too small to contain his talent.” Bola salutes.

After the show and fight at the conference center, fans stood Swag kid up for pictures for almost an hour and half. It amazed the management team so much because the young rapper only did a free style. “I wonder what would have happened if he had the chance to perform one of his track.” King Jay, CEO of King Jay’s Entertainment Record Label added.

Other stars who join in the endorsement of Swag Kid are D’banj, Becca, Davido, Nana, Pope Skinny, Sarkodie, Eazzy Baby, Ama Mcbrown, Juliet Ibrahim, Its Tiffiny, Jeremie of X-fm, Eddie Watson, 4x4, Naeto C, Special and EL. “Anyone who fails to see the bright future of this kid fails to understand his/her psycho,” Davido words. Nana Ama Mcbrown is working with him for her upcoming single whilst Becca talks with management to work with him on her next project.

With the verge desire to be a reference that will remain forever, Swag Kid says his two videos so far are just teasers to pull our legs. “Wait until I release a single and you’ll understand why I’m being endorsed by these top musicians” he blushes.

Watch Swag Kid do his thing

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