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Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus is the first daughter and the second child in a family. She has four siblings. Born to Mr and Mrs Slyvanus Nwuzor from Osisioma, Aba in Abia State. She attended Ohabiam Primary School and also Ohabiam Secondary School, both in Aba. She gained admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) Enugu State to study Medicine. She later discovered her talent for arts, quit her studies in UNN and enrolled in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) to study Mass Communication. She joined the movie industry in 2000. Her first movie was Felix Okoro’s ‘Out of Cage’. Later she featured in ‘Evil Forest’. Nkiru who is famous for her cry baby roles came into limelight with her third movie ‘A Cry for Help’ which was also her most challenging role as she had to cry from the beginning of the movie to the end. She has featured in over 30 movies.

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