If Good Quality Beads Do NOT Rattle; Then Conformity And Hypocrisy Must Come With A High Price

01/07/2016 12:26:00

I was raised in a certain way. In the society that I grew up in, one is not supposed to say or do certain things

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Stop eating 'TILAPIA FISH' before it’s too late {See Full Details}

30/06/2016 09:22:00

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. … Since the human body can’t make significant amounts of these essential

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Check Out The 9 Reasons Why A Woman’s V**na Smells; Number 5 Will Shock You

24/06/2016 09:58:00

The veejaay has a distinct smell which is not a problem, as everybody has their own particular Vaginal smell that is natural. Whether this natural

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Five Ghanaian Foods That Could Be Harmful

23/06/2016 07:59:00

Ghanaians do not joke with our food at all. A significant portion of our resources go into providing ourselves with good food. However, some of foods

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6 Things Not to Do In A Relationship | A Guide from Another Woman

23/06/2016 07:09:00

In our relationship series that we started three weeks ago, we brought you 5 things not to do on that first date. We are continuing from

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The Price Of Virginity – Episode 3 12

22/06/2016 07:25:00

The Price Of Virginity Episode 3 After my mum hanged up the call, I was so sad because this is the first time am lying to my

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Letter To My Dear Hell…I Want to Go and Burn in Hell

22/06/2016 07:04:00

The fact that God has refused to answer my recent article to him drives me crazy. And they say he is omnipresent and hears us any

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Revealed: Top 5 Most Popular Prayer Camps In Ghana; Check Out For Number 1

21/06/2016 07:39:00

Since the introduction of Christianity to Ghana in the latter part of the 15th century, the religion continues to take hold of the nation’s masses

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The Price Of Vir.ginity Episode 2. {A MUST READ}

20/06/2016 09:51:00

One Month After i got an admission to university, i was now preparing to travel from my house to my school, i will take off early

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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: A Respond to Ms. Pyper Pebbles | Men Garnish Sex With Love Because That’s What Really WORKS

18/06/2016 10:06:00

Having been working with Ms. Pyper Pebbles, I’ve come to understand that she appreciates honesty, even if it is clothed in disrespect and will in

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5 Things Not to Do On That First Date | A Guide from Another Woman

16/06/2016 10:58:00

We dealt with the guys and took them on a journey of 7 Ways To Text A Woman And Get The Right Feedback. All that texting

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Women Used These 5 Amazing Techniques and Got Multi-orgasms Every Time They Had S*x!

15/06/2016 13:14:00

Having a hard time to enjoy sex every time your partner wants it? These amazing things would allow you to get the best orgasms in

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10 Ghanaian Foods You Should Avoid Late At Night

15/06/2016 13:06:00

Most Ghanaian foods are considered healthy but taking these foods late in the night will not be good for your health. Here are the foods you

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These 10 False Myths About Albinism! The Truth Revealed

15/06/2016 10:49:00

Albino kids get born in all the nations. Many a time people come up with mythical explanations of this condition. These 10 myths are common

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7 Things These Women Are Not Allowed To Touch While Menstruating Will Shock You

14/06/2016 16:56:00

Women have many social and physical limitations in various parts of the world. These girls have taken pictures of the things they cannot touch or

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7 reasons why ladies have delayed marriage

14/06/2016 14:30:00

Expensive Life style 7 Secrets To get Married quickly Cut your coat according to your cloth; Living within your means. If you are expensive then

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5 Ghanaian Male Celebs That Most Ladies Crush On

14/06/2016 11:44:00

It’s a nice feeling to be a star and it’s a nicer feeling for several people to crush on you as a star. Mostly,looks come

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5 Things Living In Ghana University Hostel Teaches You

14/06/2016 10:42:00

University is a really serious time in the life of any student. If you’re Nigerian, a university is much more than a serious period in

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5 Surprising Facts You Did Not Know About Facebook

13/06/2016 12:42:00

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. With over a billion followers, many people can barely survive a day without visiting the

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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Review- No One Is Going Home

13/06/2016 11:10:00

*Spoilers, naturally, follow for those yet to watch Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 ‘No One’* Arya Stark has been divorced from the main storyline

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12 Things We All Wish Would Disappear From Ghana

11/06/2016 06:59:00

There are some annoying things that push us all to the limit. Is it drivers constantly blowing their horns? Always being lied to by our

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Mel Gibson Planning A Sequel To ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ Telling The Story Of The Resurrection

10/06/2016 14:04:00

The 2004 box office blockbuster and the wet dream of Christians everywhere, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, is set to get a sequel

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Must Read: 20 Uncomfortable Truths Young Ghanaian Ladies Must Know!

10/06/2016 06:37:00

1. Gari doesn’t advertise yet runs out of stock on the market. Morale. It’s not about the excessive make-up or exposed thighs. It’s not about

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See The Secrets For Women To Satisfy Their Man With S*x

10/06/2016 06:31:00

Sweet marital s*x is always an enjoyable experience... Do not allow your acts make your Husband sleep around outside; he should only sleep around You! Never

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8 Dangers Of Sharing Child Photos Online Every Ghanaian Parent Should Know

10/06/2016 06:26:00

1. Digital Footprints Posting photos of your kids create a digital footprint — a kind of electronic paper trail — that forms their identities in a

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OMG!! What happened to This popular Nollywood actress? {See Graphic Pic}

08/06/2016 10:12:00

Please relax! Is a scene from a nollywood movie..The Question is, are those babies real?

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How to Make MONEY From Being on Facebook | I Am Doing It & You Can Too…

07/06/2016 15:33:00

The co-founder and CEO of Facebook-Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is worth 51.2 billion—-and currently, he is the 6th richest person in the world, courtesy of his

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Granny Possesses Britain’s Biggest B00bs After Splashing Divorce Cash on Implants (Photos)

07/06/2016 14:13:00

A glamorous gran is thought to be the proud owner of Britain’s Biggest Boobs – after splashing her divorce cash on whopping 32MM breast implants. When

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6 Facts You Need To Know About The Komenda Sugar Factory

07/06/2016 09:02:00

President John Mahama on Monday, May 30, 2016 commissioned the new Komenda sugar factory. Following its commissioning, there has been a considerable amount of media

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Please Help: "I’m From A Devoted Christian Home My Father Is A Pastor, But I’m A Lesbian"

06/06/2016 10:57:00

Please help post on your platform.... I’m in my 20’s a Nigerian and I’m not in anyway sexually attracted to the opposite sex. I so much

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END TIME: Just Imagine What They Are Doing To This Lady All for the sake of Entertainment!

06/06/2016 10:54:00

They said is a form of entertainment in their area. Probably the lady will get paid for doing this. Toobad!!!

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WTF: This Lovers Had S3x In Public In The Sea. You Wont Believe What They Did After He Got Stuck In Her

06/06/2016 09:39:00

What was the most unusual place you made love at? This couple decided that the Sea Sex would be a nice thing to do. Plus,

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5 Ways Ghanaians Are Getting It All WRONG At the Various Malls

06/06/2016 07:31:00

The inundation of Malls in the Ghanaian society has literally tapped on the diverse but hidden “talents” Ghanaians had buried in their hearts. It all

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The Cruelty Of A Cheating Husband | Scorned Wife Storms Church to Stop Husband Marrying Another Woman in Brong Ahafo And Head-Butted Her Husband

06/06/2016 07:30:00

“To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal”-Malcolm X. Living with

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5 Signs That Technology Will Soon Ruin Your Love Life

04/06/2016 08:48:00

By any means, technology is having a huge impact on relationships especially when it has to do with communication. In the same vein, technology has

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4 Reasons To Have A Wedding In Nigeria

04/06/2016 08:45:00

Having weddings in exotic locations, especially outside the country seems to be the trend in Nigeria at the moment. From Seychelles to Dubai, London and

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I’m Tired of The Madness; Charly Boy Says He's Found Jesus

03/06/2016 09:21:00

After all the craze and what have you, Area fada Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy is now a new man. He said he has encountered

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Miss Pyper Pebbles: Do You Want Some Vag*na Pad to Add to Your Bum Pad? Meet the New Craze in Town (VIDEO)

03/06/2016 07:15:00

So apparently, some women have gone deeply mad—and have added a new layer of craze to the already existing bum pads, long nails, bra pads,

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PHOTO: Try Not To Puke At The Imagery Of This Fake ‘Padded Vagina’ Accesory

02/06/2016 14:44:00

You remember that time you were at a party and you thought, ‘this guy isn’t into me because my p*ssy doesn’t look big enough in

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BlogHOT SHOTS: Meet Actress-Christabel Ekeh’s Beautiful Mother + MORE

02/06/2016 14:18:00

Actress-Christabel Ekeh is a beauty; and now, we know where she stole her charming look from. We’ve just come across a photo of her mother, and

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Hot Shot: Amanda Acquah Shows Off Her Curves in a Clingy Dress

02/06/2016 14:13:00

Say what you want about Amanda Acquah, but there is absolutely no denying that she is a real knockout. The mother-of-one and estranged wife of footballer

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