Sarkodie Asked His Fans To Be Part Of His Next Video And People Bore Rough

Sarkodie Asked His Fans To Be Part Of His Next Video And People Bore Rough Sarkodie.

This is Sarkodie.

He got in trouble on Twitter for asking his fans to be part of his next video with this tweet:

    Be part of my new video … Come promo your Art

    — TheHighest (@sarkodie) January 24, 2017


That is no news right? Well, pay attention to the part that says “it is not a paying gig”.

That did not particularly sit well with his fans and they made sure he knew about it with the reactions below.

1.    @sarkodie exposure by this time? Enie manage nkoso naa

    — Motherfucker Jones (@kofi_233) January 24, 2017

 2.    @sarkodie Boss…i beg…you fit get change for “One Hundred Exposures” give me?

    — Annertey (@annertey_) January 24, 2017

3.    @sarkodie exposure na yɛde tɔ prepaid??

    — akwasi bentayga (@padi_1) January 24, 2017

4.    @sarkodie it’s honestly really shameful that with all the money u have you’d still refuse to pay creative ppl meaning u dont value they art

    — palmwinegal (@akosuagyameah) January 24, 2017

5.    @sarkodie “It’s not a paying gig but it is however an opportunity to gain lots of exposure” I CAN’T BUY FOOD WITH EXPOSURE!

    — beverley3007 (@beverley3007) January 24, 2017

6.    @sarkodie lol…we get exposure and you get the money abi.. ….wode3 y3 me one favor…

    — Ñï~MÖ || (@nimo_gh) January 24, 2017

7.    @sarkodie exposure by this time ?

    — ARMANI (@kinjorge) January 24, 2017

8.  @sarkodie stop exploiting on other hardwork n pay small.

    — GanyobiEricsson (@i_amDannieboy) January 24, 2017

9.    @sarkodie “EXPOSURE ” to the Sun or Weytin??? Eeeii Bra Rich Nigga Shit

    — Eii_Dis_Boi (@CodedMV) January 24, 2017

 10.    @sarkodie

    — One-Roll (@Kobby_National) January 24, 2017

11.    @sarkodie @Davidnicolsey Oh so you no go give item 13 sef?

    — Marvin Tovieku (@blacktempo) January 24, 2017

 12.    @sarkodie @Davidnicolsey dude really? No paying gig? am like wtf

    — Bo$$ (@DaAntBoss) January 24, 2017


13.    @sarkodie Naniama! Eno bi u dey diss Afrocentrism… Now u wan feature them in your video pro bono..Hypocrisy no go take u anywhere ma n*gga

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