Kaakie Reveals She Chews Marijuana

Kaakie Reveals She Chews Marijuana Kaakie Reveals She Chews Marijuana

Dancehall act Kaakie today released her first song in a long while titled ‘Sankwas’.

‘Sankwas’ is a Ghanaian term meaning ‘something or someone who is sub-standard or doesn’t match up to a certain quality.

The lyrics of the song talks to people who see the High Grade Family act as a treat.

“Opposition wan burry we but them know no say we chew weed,” is what the chorus, sang by Kaakie says.

If that is anything to go by, the Zuuchiaa singer just confirmed that she chews marijuana aka wee.

This would be the second time the artiste is or would be associated with the weed substance.

In march this year, dressed in a camouflage shorts and tube crop top, kaakie treated the crowd to some of her hit singles like Kumcha and Give it to me at the Accra Sports Stadium during MTN Pulse Concert.

In the cause of her performance, Kaakie brought out an object that looked like a rolled up wee or cigar.

Sitting on one of the stage monitors, she turned to the right section of the crowd and asked for a lighter and a fan willingly lighted what she was holding.

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