Workers of SGS Ghana angry with management

Business News of Monday, 18 February 2019


SGS   Employees Angry  Some of the workers at SGS expressed discontent about low salaries

Workers of SGS Ghana are very unhappy about the way the company’s management is managing the affairs of the company.

Some of the workers who spoke on anonymity expressed discontent about low salaries and how the management is not taking steps to be very competitive in the kind of jobs they do .

According to some of the workers , their work which involves inspection , verification, testing and certification requires a lot of professionalism and honesty but the management of the company is relying on cheap Labour from outsourced companies and the motive is to cut down cost at the expense of quality of work .

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

The workers further complained of the wide wage differentials between the workers and the management staff.

“The monthly salary and allowances of one manager is enough to pay the annual salaries of ten workers “ a worker said.

Some of the workers complained that whilst they are working so hard , the management of the company takes wrong decisions which makes them lose very profitable clients and at the end of the year management tells them that they could not meet some targets and that affects their annual bonuses .

Some of the workers whose work relates to the mining sector complained that as of now they have not been paid their bonuses for 2018 which affects their morale.

Management has adopted a system of measuring productivity which blames workers for not meeting productivity targets even when management is not looking for jobs for the company .

“Whilst management is complaining that the business had gone down , they are enjoying their fat salaries and allowances,” a worker complained bitterly.

There is so much discontent among the workers of SGS Ghana. It was however learnt that majority of the workers have not been paid their 2018 bonuses.

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