We Will Not Condemn Kennedy Agyapong|NPP

We Will Not Condemn Kennedy Agyapong|NPP

A child who is deviant does not only find bad name for himself but for his family too. On a grand scheme it is only reasonable for people to ask the kind of upbringing that child had or question the morality of the said family. How many people have or would not apologise on behalf of their children`s deviancy— I have seen parents do that far too many times.

The member of parliament for Assin central constituency, Honourable ( a title he doesn’t even deserve looking at his history of waywardness) Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is in the news again for what he does best.

Two days ago, Kennedy launched a belittling attack on the Electoral Commission (EC) Chair Charlotte Osei, saying she was appointed in exchange for s*x.

How true that is we do not even want to know. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors should not be made a laden for anyone to carry. If people in office do not deliver what is expected of them, I believe ad hominem attacks should not be made but the party should be evaluated on their performance. Well coming from Kennedy I was the least surprised. The man has done well for himself in matters pertaining to such.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has stated that it will not condemn its leading member for his repugnant remarks on the EC boss.

“I don’t think the party needs to come into this matter and I don’t think the party will go into this matter…the party shouldn’t. I don’t have evidence to what Ken is alleging, maybe he has. The media must call him and demand of him the evidence he has to his allegation. He may well be able to produce it,” deputy communications director Abayifa Karbo told Accra-based Kasapa FM.

This is the lamest excuse I have heard so far. We are all aware that mister Kennedy is an adult who knows his left to his right. We all know that he is conscious of his utterances but this to a greater extent puts a dent on the party. It is not like people are exactly happy about the party as it stands so apologising would reasonably score the party a mark.

It is like saying you do not care what the village folks do to the only river in the village when you know that in the future you would go and fetch some of this same river for your chores. This is the cross you have to bear alone, my dear NPP people.

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