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Haye & Chisora Could Face Jail

Haye & Chisora Could Face Jail

British boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora are suspected of committing offences that could carry prison sentences following their Munich brawl, said German prosecutors.

Haye is suspected of grievous bodily harm – a crime which, if proven, carries a prison sentence of six months to 10 years, prosecutors said.

Chisora, who admitted his behaviour was “inexcusable”, is under suspicion of malicious injury, which carries a jail sentence of up to five years, and making a “threat”.

The latter is a lesser offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to one year.

Haye and Chisora clashed after Chisora’s defeat to defending WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night.

The Zimbabwean-born Chisora issued a statement apologising “wholeheartedly” for his “part in the regrettable scenes both before and after what was to be the biggest night of my career”.

He added: “Whilst my behaviour was inexcusable, there were many things that went on behind the scenes that ultimately caused my frustrations to boil over. However this is of course no excuse.

“Despite all of this, the bottom line is, I have let my family, my team and worst of all the sport I love down.”

Haye said in a statement that he would, if requested, “happily assist the boxing authorities with any investigation they wish to launch”.

He added: “I realise I am no angel – and don’t mind a bit of professional trash-talk to help raise boxing’s profile – but, during my 21 years in the sport, I have never been involved in, or even witnessed, such a serious fracas.”

Haye left the country on a plane before he could be questioned but German police still want to speak to him.

On top of a police investigation, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) general secretary, Robert Smith, says Haye and Chisora could face life bans from the sport.

The BBBofC have confirmed that Chisora has been called to appear before a hearing on 14 March in relation to his conduct before and after his fight against Vitali Klitschko in Munich.

“With regard to Mr David Haye, Mr Haye is not a licensed boxer with the British Boxing Board of Control and therefore no longer under our jurisdiction.”

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