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Frank Bruno Admits to Drug Use at 8

Frank Bruno Admits to Drug Use at 8

EX-world champion Frank Bruno has confessed that he took drugs aged EIGHT. The heavyweight boxer, 50, said he would get drunk and smoke spliffs as a kid.

Bruno — who grew up in Wandsworth, South London — said: "I got drunk at eight and I had my first puff of, I think it was Moroccan, at aged eight."

He ended up at a school for "problem" kids — where he learned to box.

Frank, who who previously spoken of his battle with cocaine, admitted: "I was a bit of a bad boy." In an interview for Piers Morgan's Life Stories on ITV1, the fighter revealed he was butted at a London market two years ago and left BLIND in one eye for three months.

He added: "If it was somebody I knew, I'd have gone round there and given them a haircut."

Bruno, in a bright pink suit, said he still loved ex-wife Laura despite her taking out a restraining order against him.

He said his marriage split led to him being sectioned for bipolar disorder in 2003 - which he described as the most shameful time of his life.

Frank said: "I was completely heartbroken. I had a nervous breakdown. It was the most horrible time."

But he said: "I never considered suicide. I got some lovely letters afterwards. I got one from Mike Tyson."

Frank now has a new girlfriend, a businesswoman called Nina.

And he said: "I'm happy."

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