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"I Don't Regret Choosing Ghana Over Germany"

"I Don't Regret Choosing Ghana Over Germany"

Kevin Prince Boateng has confirmed that he has no regrets over choosing to represent Ghana over Germany at international level.

The Milan attacker will watch his brother Jerome Boateng take to the field for Die Mannschaft against Italy this Thursday for the second Euro 2012 semi-final.

Both Boateng footballers had the option of which country to play for, having been born a Ghanaian father and a German mother, but where Jerome picked the country he was born in, Kevin Prince picked the country his father had emigrated from in the early 1980s.

It is a decision that the Rossonero man does not regret, even as he turned down the chance to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The Chancellor had invited me to have a cup of tea with her, but I had gone on vacation and could not accept,” remembered the No 27 to magazine Chi.

“I preferred to accept the offer to play for Ghana, rejecting the German shirt. Jerome, however, remained loyal to Germany.

“Even if I were able to go back, I would take that same choice. Maybe the Chancellor wanted to ask just that, to return to play for the German team. But no, it’s too late, there’s no turning back.”

Jerome and Kevin Prince were both born in Berlin but grew up in separately, with Kevin Prince enduring the harder surroundings.

“Every day I was forced to contend with gypsies, Romanians, Arabs, Croats, Russians, Albanians and people of a callous way.

“I had two options – either become a delinquent, or try to play football. I chose the latter option and it has gone well for me.”

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